How your dishwasher saves you so much more than money

Dishwashing issues

How a dishwasher saves you time as well as money.

Special meals with friends and family are an opportunity to show our affection for each other and indulge in good food and good conversation.

However, there’s nothing like being faced with piles of dirty dishes after everyone’s gone home to take the shine off a lovely meal.

Whether after a mid-week meal for two or a sumptuous Sunday lunch, washing up by hand eats into our precious time, with studies finding we spend around 4 hours a week at the sink1. Whose turn it is to ‘do the dishes’ is also a trigger for family discord – arguments can quickly escalate, with the usual peacemakers tackling the job for the sake of restoring harmony. Let the dishwasher dissolve tension as well as grease and dirt. Lab research reveals it takes a mere nine minutes per cycle to pack and unpack your mealtime essentials from a dishwasher, compared to 60 minutes to wash and dry a full load by hand, leaving you with more time to relax or do something more productive.

The greener, cleaner, cheaper option

Using your dishwasher also means less guilt about the environment impact. A dishwasher uses, on average, 12 litres of water per cycle, only using and heating the exact amount needed (in fact, the overall energy cost of running a full cycle is only 24-28 cents per hour2). Washing up the same number of plates by hand would see 49 litres of water literally poured down the drain2. By using a dishwasher you get cleaner dishes too – they make fast work of bacteria and stubborn food particles, as they wash at typically between 55 and 75 °C (130 and 170 °F). By comparison, the average hot water tap is 50 °C.

Best for peace of mind

An added bonus for the average busy household is that using the dishwasher also means you’re not washing dishes in the same sink you’ve used to clean muddy shoes in, or rinsed out the pet food bowls. Some of the germs that pets carry can affect the hygiene  in your home and around your kitchen– regularly clean and disinfect your pet’s bowls with separate cloths away from the sink3.

All things considered, your dishwasher plays an important role in efficiently cleaning all your dishes and freeing up time for you and your family, acting as the family peacekeeper or proving its credentials as an environmental champion.

There’s so much more to this kitchen essential than the spotlessly clean dishes we’ve come to rely on!