Is a DishDrawer™ right for you ?

We all have a drawer in the kitchen full of junk. A DishDrawer™ is a great way to use that space more efficiently and have the dishwasher you always wanted!

The main reason people choose a DishDrawer™ is that it comes in a range to suit every space. From narrow galley style kitchens to small apartments where space is precious, a DishDrawer™ can fit almost anywhere, in any kitchen!

It's a popular choice if you don't want to change your entire kitchen. Instead, you can simply remove a couple of drawers in the existing cabinetry. Plus, its ergonomic design minimises bending, as it requires less movement to open, load and close - making a DishDrawer™ the perfect choice if you really want to save space.

What’s different about a Dishdrawer™?
Everyone has a drawer in their kitchen full of junk they can't be bothered to organise: Old batteries, instruction manuals for products they no longer own, broken pens, you name it. Ditch it all - a DishDrawer™ combines compact technologies to provide a space efficient dishwasher in a drawer.

An independent drawer-based dishwashing platform is part of what makes the DishDrawer™ dishwasher unique. In DishDrawer™ Double dishwashers, both drawers operate independently so different wash cycles can operate simultaneously to accomodate a variety of loads.

Which DishDrawer™: Single or Double , Tall or Wide?

DishDrawer™ Single is approximately half the size of a traditional dishwasher and combines compact technologies to provide a space efficient dishwasher in a drawer. Designed to fit existing cabinetry and with comparable dimensions to traditional dishwashers but only half the height.

DishDrawer™ Double has the same dimensions as a standard full size dishwasher and it provides the benefits of two independently operated dishwasher drawers, for added convenience and ergonomics.

DishDrawer™ Tall is designed for extra headroom. The increased drawer height fits 330mm plates, making cleaning up after dinner parties a breeze. It can also easily accommodate oversized platters and extra-long stemmed glasses.

DishDrawer™ Wide is designed for the whole family. It provides space for nine place settings and is suited to medium-sized households. It can also be partnered with additional drawers to cater for larger families. 

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