How to Choose Extension

How to Choose – Extension

So you’re considering a dishwasher? But which is the best type to fit in with your kitchen and your family? Read this simple guide to help choose the ideal model for you.

The Counter Top

If you have a limited kitchen space and prefer not to lose any cupboards then a compact, countertop dishwasher is the perfect option.

Starting at 50cmx50cm (no bigger than a large microwave), a countertop model has space for up to six place settings making it ideal for single people, busy couples, small families and even for caravans and mobile homes.

Although countertop models are not plumbed in – you fill it with a connection to your kitchen tap and it simply drains down the sink – they provide exactly the same cleaning power as a regular dishwasher and use all the normal Finish cleaning products. And because the machine’s not plumbed in it means you can take it with you if you move house. An ideal choice for those who rent.

The Slimline

Just 45cm of cupboard space is all you need to fit a slimline dishwasher into your petite kitchen – and gain many precious minutes otherwise spent washing up!

They may be 15cm narrower than a regular dishwasher but slimline dishwashers still offer excellent cleaning capacity. They hold 90-100 items – or 9-10 place settings – making them ideal for couples or a small family.

Slimline models, which can cost less than $500, can be either free-standing or, if you prefer a streamline look, you could go for an integrated slimline appliance that will be hidden behind a cupboard door.

The Full Size

If you have a busy, growing family or love entertaining and you have a space to spare a full size appliance is the one for you.

You could either go for a free standing dishwasher that slots into the space of a 600mm cupboard or, once again, if you like the uniformity of a run of cupboards with no white goods on display opt for a full or semi-integrated dishwasher. A fully-integrated machine is completely hidden behind a door front, a semi-integrated machine has a panel that matches the rest of your kitchen but the controls are on display. Integrated machines tend to be slightly more expensive and ever-so-slightly smaller to accommodate the door front.

A full size dishwasher has capacity for 12 - 15 place settings and many have a timer facility, noise reduction systems and they score the maximum energy efficiency rating.

So there you have it, there is a dishwasher suitable for every household, all you have to do is choose