Slimline dishwashers

Is a slimline dishwasher right for you?

Weigh up whether a space-saving slimline model solves the puzzles your petite kitchen presents.


A slimline dishwasher is the ideal choice if your kitchen’s quite compact, because you only need 45cm of cupboard space to house it. To see roughly what 45cm looks like, hold up a tea towel at its narrowest edge. That’s all the space you need. 

Who a slimline dishwasher suits
A slimline model’s perfect for couples and small families. So even if your kitchen’s modest in size, you can enjoy all the benefits of a dishwasher. Like saving money. 

How it can save energy
The starting price for a new slimline dishwasher – even one that has an 4 or 5* energy rating – is around $500. And you could even make savings on your utility bills, because a dishwasher can be more economical than washing up by hand. 

How it creates space
Your kitchen will instantly feel more spacious with a slimline dishwasher, as you’ll no longer have dirty plates cluttering it up.  

Whether you want it to be built-in, partially built-in or free-standing, a slimline dishwasher will make life easier.