Dishwasher detergents

Did you know a dishwasher could… give you a sparkling clean?

A dishwasher delivers gleaming clean, hygienically dry dishes. And modern dishwasher detergents are an essential part of the process.

Today’s high-quality dishwasher detergents contain far more active ingredients than washing-up liquid does. They’re specially formulated to remove various types of food like starch and protein, and they work more effectively on food stains than washing up by hand. 

This means your machine washes away very fine food particles and, thanks to rinsing agents, the spots and streaks you get after washing up in the sink are history.

Your china, utensils, pots and pans are then dried using latent heat (which is the heat lingering in the machine after the last hot rinse), so nothing but shine is left behind. 

Add to this the hygienic high temperatures of a dishwasher, and you know everything’s as clean as it could possibly be.