Money saving dishwashers

Did you know a dishwasher could… be money-saving?

A big part of your household budget is energy bills. Find out how a dishwasher can help reduce them.

The national trend shows that residential electricity prices are expected to increase on average by 1.2 per cent a year over the next three years from 2012/13 to 2015/16*. We all know they’re a big part of our outgoings. So it’s always good to hear about how you can lower that cost, and dishwashers are great money-savers.

How are dishwashers energy-saving?For years people thought of dishwashers as a luxury. But a team of scientists discovered that dishwashers actually save you money, because they use a fraction of the electricity and water you’d need to wash the same load of plates by hand **.

In fact, using a dishwasher can save you up to $182 a year*** - a real money saver. Whereas, when you wash up, you’re literally pouring money down the drain.

If your load isn’t seriously dirty, choose a quick 30-minute wash to cut your bill even more. 

What would you do with that extra cash?

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** 2009 Colmar Brunton Study - Sydney
*** Cost Saving based on “Origin Energy NSW Residential Pricing” and “Sydney 
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