Cool kids’ party themes

Throwing a birthday party for your own little princess, fairy, superhero (or villain!) is a great excuse to bring out the little kid in all of us. Besides being lots of fun, setting a theme makes the decision-making process much easier, from invitations and decorations to games and the all-important cake. Your child’s uninhibited imagination will definitely get the ideas flowing – here are four top themes to get the party started.

Beach party

If your child’s birthday falls during a warmer month, a beach party is the perfect way to keep the kids entertained. Create your own beach scene at home with sandpits, a volleyball net and blow-up pools (or a real pool for older kids, if you have one). Decorate with beach umbrellas, fold-out lounge chairs and blow-up palm trees. For cake inspiration, think mermaids, seashells, oceans, fish and coral. And the drinks are easy – just add cocktail umbrellas to iced juice. Did someone just scream “water fight”?

Princess party

It’s just about every little girl’s fantasy, which is why this party favourite never goes out of fashion. Decorations are a no-brainer – go for tulle, satin and pink, pink, pink! For snacks, serve sandwiches or biscuits that have been cut with star-shaped cookie cutters. Chocolate-covered strawberries are a half-healthy favourite, while fairy bread is a Cinderella-inspired treat. The bell of the ball is, of course, the all-famous castle cake.

Rainbow party

What do you see when you walk into a toy shop? Colour – and lots of it! If in doubt, this is perhaps the simplest theme to decorate for and suits kids of all ages. Plus, it looks great in photos. There are no rules and nothing clashes – the more multicoloured balloons, streamers and bright costumes, the better.  It’s easy to get carried away on the food dye, be it a rainbow slice, marble cake or colourful meringues, but cater for some healthier options too. Fruit salad is a fresh, easy idea, as are frozen juice ice blocks and vegetable sticks with dip. Serve healthier options at the start, then bring out the lolly bags when the kids aren’t so hungry.

Pirate party

Arrr! Your little treasure is sure to love a mystery map that takes them on a hunt past skulls, flags and buried chests. With activities like tug of war, fishing for gold and plank walking, this theme is particularly popular with the boys, but everyone young and old will be happy to jump aboard. Fish fingers are an easy snack idea, or try these X marks the spot pies. And don’t forget the chocolate gold coins!

Once the planning is done, remember to sit back and enjoy the party. Amongst all the colour and excitement, it’s hard to say who has the most fun – the kids or the grown-ups.