6 cheeky shortcuts

A quick meal doesn’t always mean bland and boring. If you’re lacking time but don’t want your dish to lack taste, there is a way to make a sumptuous feast in under an hour. In fact, a busy lifestyle and appetite for fine dining is what forced the invention of the shortcut recipe. Would professional chefs approve? Probably not, but if it looks good and tastes great—who cares! With the right recipe, you can create impressive dishes for dinner in under 60 minutes. Become a shortcut chef with the super easy and delicious recipes below.

1. Shepherd’s Pie 
What if you could make shepherd’s pie in under an hour, while maximising its flavour? Try this unique shepherd’s pierecipe, which offers a unique time-saving twist on the classic mashed-potato pie. You’ll need a bag of potato gems, some mince, frozen veggies and cheese—all ingredients for a delicious and hearty family meal!

2. Roasted Vegetable and Ricotta Pizza

If you love Italian-style pizza but don’t have time to make your own dough, this roasted vegetable and ricotta pizzarecipe comes with a variety of yummy flavours, minus the effort of making everything from scratch. To save on prep time, simply buy some frozen pizza dough from a supermarket or bakery.

3. Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Rolls
There are no gimmicks with this recipe, just an easy entrée that makes 16 pieces and takes just 15 minutes! If you’re hosting a dinner party, these mouth-watering smoked salmon and cream cheese rolls will get those appetites soaring. All you need is some cream cheese, fresh dill, grated lemon rind, frozen French-style crepes, smoked salmon and a red onion. De-lish!

4. Chicken Enchiladas 

Creamy, tasty, and ready to eat in just 60 minutes – this recipe is sure to delight anyone dining in your home. The trick to keeping things quick and simple is to purchase a rotisserie-cooked chicken straight from the store. Your guests will never need to know the hard part was already done for you! This just leaves the more enjoyable steps for you to take care of – mixing the sauce, spreading the chicken mixture onto the tortillas, adding some toppings, and serving the delicious enchiladas to your friends or family.

5. Weet-Bix Slices
Save time and money by using Weet-Bix as the base for your slices. These tasty snacks are a little bit nutritious, a breeze to put together, and satisfyingly Australian – what more could you want from something that only takes 35 minutes to make? When it comes to the final touches, it all depends on what’s in your pantry and the preferences of the people you’re baking for… but you really can’t go wrong with classic icing sugar or 100s and 1,000s!

6. Choc Marshmallow Melts

Time for dessert! If you have an oven, mini marshmallows and chocolate biscuits, you can make this fantastic sweet treat. Simply layer the marshmallow on top of each chocolate biscuit and bake for 2-3 minutes. Take out of the oven and add another biscuit to each treat to make a yummy marshmallow sandwich!