Easy Sunday Brunches

Tips and tricks for the easiest Sunday brunch that'll have everyone pleased – from the kids to the cooks.

Unless someone else is making it, the whole idea of a Sunday brunch sounds anything but easy. So let’s see how you can put on a spread for minimal effort and maximum enjoyment.

Decide on your Centrepiece
Aim for one main dish – max two if you have fussy children (or adults) to deal with. You might still want to have other foods available, but they need to be the kind of things that require no prep. Full English Croissants are always a hit with the kids, this is when English meets French, served in Australia. While there's a bit of a cultural mix going on here, there's no denying this easy brunch has the potential to become a Sunday morning favourite. 

Prep in Advance
Wherever possible you'll want to do the prep in advance for your lazy Sunday. Thinking of baking? Potato Pancakes is the way to go,  You can do the prep for these little beauties a day or two ahead, and re-heat in the oven on the day. Another pancake mix that is always a hit with the kids is the  delicious blueberry pancake recipe from Jamie Oliver because it's not only quick, it's super-easy. And they're pre-requisites for a lazy Sunday brunch, right?

Use Those Leftovers
Bubble and squeak, there are no hard and fast rules for this one, beyond the mashed potato that's used as the 'glue' to hold things together. Note that this recipe is for 2 servings, so you may need to double (or triple) your ingredients. Huevos Rancheros, another multi-cultural effort, with this Englishman's take on the famous Mexican breakfast. Easy, filling and delicious. There are plenty of other delicious dishes that can be made with leftovers – so why not cook a little extra in the days before and you'll be ahead of the game.

Stock Up On The Basics
Avoid a trip to the shops on the day by making sure you have everything you need including plenty of fruit and veg in the house. Same goes for milk, eggs, tea coffee etc. That way you'll be better prepared for those curve ball requests.

Don't Forget The Drinks
Now depending on the type of brunch you're holding, you might be thinking smoothies, tea or coffee, Bloody Marys which could be the go-to drink to spice up a lazy Sunday with or without alcohol. This is one area you can’t do a lot of prep in advance beyond chopping fruit. Best thing is to make sure you’re not shy of the required ingredients. 

Take It Easy
Brunch is about enjoying one another's company, not a cooking show with stress and an expectation of culinary perfection. So while we've got some easy recipes below, don't sweat if your food's a little 'wonky'. That just adds character!

After The Coffees, Make It A Lazy Clean Up Too
There's no rush. Even if those coffee rings start to harden on your glasses, help is never far away so you can continue to enjoy your lazy Sunday.