Food Renovations: Modern Twists on Classic Desserts

Reinventing a meal is like renovating a house: you have to take extra care to ensure all elements work together, but still have the freedom to adapt it to your needs and tastes!

When it comes to dessert, the sky really is the proverbial limit. Whether you’re looking to switch up your hot chocolate recipe or give your Sunday afternoon scones a makeover, there’s never been a better time to experiment! There are hundreds upon hundreds of recipes online dedicated to thinking outside the box and what’s better, we’ve done the legwork for you. Here’s a quick overview of how you can add a number of different ingredients to your grandmother’s recipes, giving them a new lease on life and making you stand out from the crowd.


This dish is the epitome of tradition. Next time you’re attempting your grandmother’s scone recipe, give these unique ideas a try.

Apple brie scones – Apple and cheese may sound a bit perplexing, but trust in this recipe. Simply add a peeled apple and a bit of brie to your mixture, and you’ll have a seriously delicious scone.

Apricot scones – Love having fresh fruit in your baked goods? This is a must for anyone who enjoys fruity scones. Still sweet and flavoursome, you’ll need some fresh apricots, sour cream and fresh cream among your standard scone ingredients.

Maple bacon brown sugar scones – Bacon is the new salty dessert ingredient. Surprise the family with this unique twist on the old scone recipe. You’ll need some bacon, maple syrup and nutmeg for this one.


Delicious on their own, pancakes can only get better with inventive toppings. If you’ve run out of blueberries or maple syrup, don’t worry. These twists on pancake recipes will surely have you making them time and again!

Millionaire’s shortbread pancakes – It is as fancy as it sounds, without any of the extra effort. Simply make your usual pancake, then load it up with crumbled shortbread, tinned caramel and drizzle with melted chocolate. Dangerously good!

Burger pancakes – This recipe requires a little creativity and invention. By the time you’re done, you’ll have a sweet dessert dish that looks a lot like a burger! You’ll need some chocolate cookies, standard pancakes, some coconut and a little bit of icing.

Chicken satay pancakes – If you’re feeling like a savoury dish, but still love your pancakes, try this chicken satay pancake twist. You’ll need to cook up some chicken breast and have some satay sauce handy! Simply whip up your pancakes, place the chicken on top and drizzle with sauce. Yum!


You simply cannot go past chocolate brownies. Just about everybody’s favourite, the brownie is a moreish dessert that is hard to put down. Here are some great twists to the traditional recipe.

Sweet potato brownies – Looking for all the taste without all the calories? Try these delicious sweet potato brownies. Best of all, these brownies are gluten free!

Beetroot brownies – Get the intense chocolate hit with just half the fat of regular brownies with this recipe. Still sweet and delicious, if you like beetroot you will love this brownie!

Avocado brownies – For a nutritious yet delicious dessert, try the avocado brownie twist. Who knew avocado and chocolate go so perfectly together?