Juicing = Veggies In Disguise

Delicious juices that'll be loved by the kids and give them the veggies they need.

"I HATE these – they're DISGUSTING!!!!"
If you're familiar with the above reaction to your lovingly-prepared vegetables, read on. Even though most kids will happily eat fruit, for many parents, getting them to eat enough vegetables can be a tricky task. You'll know if you have one of those kids, because we're not just talking brussel sprouts (which incidentally cop a bad rap from all sides). Whole colour groups can be a problem. Or shapes. Picky kids just won't eat them. Then change their preferences overnight.

The reality is children need more than fruit. They need a good mix of daily veggies to get the nutrients and fibre their growing bodies and minds need. This Kid-Approved Green Power Juice helps kids get plenty of those necessary greens. You can substitute the vegetables, and if it’s not sweet enough – just add a little honey, apple or pineapple and slowly reduce the quantity over time. Or try these Green Juice Recipes For Kids offer some other simple options.

Commercial vegetable juices aren't the answer (sorry). They contain no fibre, which is crucial for both digestion and proper absorption of the nutrients, high quantities of sugar – even if none is added – and quite often excess salt. Furthermore, it's spring and there are so many fresh veggies that are in-season.

What veggies?
Turning those veggies into juice is the answer. Sure, there's a bit of effort involved on your part. But it’s far less work than the daily battle you might be currently having. Even better, they're more likely to love them. You'll need to chuck in fruit to add some sweetness, particularly when you're starting out, but once you do you're on the road to having them wanting more veggies, not less. These four juice recipes for fussy eaters make getting their veggies as colourful as they are healthy. Some great tips in here too.

To maintain the fibre content it's important your juices contain the whole vegetable – not just the liquid. Beyond that, it's simply a matter of putting in what they need but won't eat and experimenting.

Make it fun
Of course, you're not actually making the kids eat veggies, for another layer of fun, these recipes have fun cocktail names to help inspire the kids. After all, who could resist trying a Martian juice? Or a tropical lemonade?

The "I've tried everything else" list
Seven super-simple recipes to get the little ones eating (drinking) everything from carrots to kale.

Strictly for grown ups!
Once you've made sure everyone's had their fill of veggies, check out these perfect party punches for great ways to unwind.