Grow Your Own Herbs

The best way to make sure you've got fresh herbs on-hand is to grow your own. Get started and add something special to dishes.

Adding fresh home-grown herbs can lift even the simplest of meals. And you don't need to be a gardening expert (or even have a garden) to grow them. Read on to find out what some of the easiest-to-grow herbs are. 


As it doesn't do well in the humidity of summer, this herb grows best in the cooler months, as long as it can get plenty of sun. You can grow coriander in a pot from seeds or seedlings, and make sure its watered regularly. Remember you can harvest the leaves, or the whole plant – depending on your recipe.


This incredibly versatile herb grows all year around either in a pot or the garden from seeds or seedlings. It's self-propagating, so once a plant is established your parsley will spread. Whether you choose common curly parsley or Italian parsley, find a spot that gets more daytime sun than shade. Then water regularly until it sprouts, and harvest as needed. Spring's a great time to plant, so get ready now.


Great on salads to seafood, dill loves sun but prefers the cooler months. Taking 6-8 weeks from seeds to harvest, you can even grow it indoors if it's near a window with around 6 hours direct sunlight a day. You'll need a deep-ish container to allow for the roots, and a rich soil that drains well. Water till the soil is moist, and only water again when the topsoil is completely dry.


This herb is easy to grow and doesn't have to be in direct sunlight. As it's an invasive plant, it's best to grow in a container – the larger the pot, the more mint you'll get. Start with cuttings in a glass of water, then transfer into the container once the roots develop. Keep indoors until well-established and don't over-water.


Again, spring is a great time to start with this fragrant herb. Begin with cuttings in a glass of water and place in a warm spot with indirect sunlight. Once roots have developed, plant in the garden or a pot with a sandy potting mix, easing back on the watering as the plant becomes more established. Rosemary can grow into a large bush, so you may want to grow this herb from a pot to control its size.

And once you decide which herbs you are going to grow, check out these helpful and handy tips to get you started in the right direction.