Nutritious Alternatives to Your Favourite Guilty Pleasures

Nothing quite beats indulging in that bowl of ice cream or heavenly pasta dish you’ve been hanging out for all day. The good news? You can still enjoy the fundamentals of this food – including the taste – without worrying too much about your waistline. Love your food and enjoy a guilt free lifestyle with these simple yet effective nutritious food substitutes.

Doing some baking?

Fantastic flour substitutes can include:

  •    Black beans (drained and rinsed) are perfect for brownies. Simply swap out 1 cup of flour for 1 cup of black bean puree. These beans will give you an extra boost of protein and they’re also gluten free!
  •    Whole-wheat flour is a good substitute for white four. For every cup of white flour, you will want to substitute 7/8 cup of whole wheat. Ideal for virtually any baked good recipe, whole-wheat flour can add a nice twist in texture, flavour and nutrients.
  •    Almond flour is another great substitute for those who don’t like (or can’t have) whole-wheat flour. Take note: almond flour is heavier, so be sure to only add ¼ cup at a time (1 cup wheat flour becomes ¼ cup almond flour). This is another gluten-free switch that gives your baked goods a delicious nutty undertone.

Need to make the switch for dinner?

Here are some healthier carbs that will help curb those cravings while maintaining your guilt free lifestyle:

  •    Quinoa is a fantastic substitute for couscous. Where couscous is made from processed wheat flour, quinoa is a grain superfood that is jam-packed with nutrients that are fantastic for your body. They even share a similar texture to couscous, so the switch will be barely noticeable!
  •    Zucchini ribbons instead of pasta. These have the same feel as pasta but are a lot lighter. Make some zucchini strips using a pasta maker (or simply use a potato peeler). Then all you have to do is sauté for a few minutes. You’ll spend less time cooking while enjoying more nutrients for your body. It’s win-win!
  •    Love your mash? Try substituting mashed cauliflower for mashed potato. Cauliflower has just a fraction of the carbs that potato has, and it’s barely noticeable to taste. You can also pop cauliflower into a blender for a nice substitute to rice.

What about dessert?

If you’re ready for some delicious dessert, don’t fret! We’ve found some guilt-free sweet treats to curb that craving:

  •    Instead of your normal sugar-laden ice cream, make your own banana ‘nice cream’! Featuring no milk, no cream and no sugar, this has all the taste of ice cream without the extra calories. Simply freeze the bananas and purée!
  •    Dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. While you can enjoy everything in moderation, if you’re going to choose some chocolate to indulge in, choose dark chocolate. The higher concentration of cocoa provides more nutrients as well as some benefits to your health.
  •    Fresh instead of canned. Think those canned fruits are good for you? These are actually full of sugar and preservatives. Next time you’re deciding on some fruit and yoghurt, opt for fresh – they will taste better and be better for you!