Sensational sandwiches

Quick, easy and satisfying – the humble sandwich is the go-to family snack at any time of day or night. You don’t need a recipe for regulars such as ham and cheese, salad or vegemite (crusts off please, Mum!), but think outside the slice and you’ll be inspired by all the possibilities. Here are four creative sandwich ideas that are a snap to make.

Smoked salmon brekkie bagel

To make a single serve, scramble 2 eggs with a dollop of thickened cream and chopped chives until mixture is set. Toast a bagel, cut-side up, until golden. Spread bagel with cream cheese then top with 2 slices of smoked salmon. Spoon egg mixture on top, then top with second bagel slice. Serve warm.

Pressed picnic loaf

Slice one loaf ciabatta horizontally and remove soft crumb. Spread bottom crust with olive paste then top with marinated artichoke hearts, chargrilled capsicum, goat’s cheese, prosciutto and salami. Drizzle with balsamic vinegar then scatter with chopped basil. Place the top crust on sandwich.

To press, wrap sandwich tightly in plastic wrap. Place a weight, such as a brick or heavy saucepan, on top for an hour or until flattened. When ready to serve, slice sandwich into single serves.

Top tip: If you’re cooking a roast, use leftover vegetables and meat to create open or pressed sandwiches the next day.

Bacon, blue cheese and honey open sandwich

Sound bizarre? All the more reason to try it! The mix of sweet, savoury and sharp flavours makes this a real standout sanga.

To make a single serve, fry 1 slice bacon then cut into long strips. To assemble sandwich, spread a thick slice of rye bread with Danish blue cheese. Place bacon on top, then drizzle with honey to serve.

Choc-chip cookie ice-cream sandwiches

Sandwich scoops of your favourite ice-cream between store-bought or homemade chocolate chip cookies. How easy is that!

Use these ideas as a starting point for your own creativity and there’s no limit to the sweet and savoury sanga sensations you can whip up.