Dishwasher reviews

Dishwasher Reviews

From cleaner mugs to avoiding cracked and damaged skin, six UK households tell us why they really couldn’t do without their dishwasher…  

“We’re a household that drinks a lot of tea – my husband and I work from home so the kettle’s boiling on pretty much an hourly basis. I hate drinking tea from a stained mug and if they are straight from the dishwasher, I usually don’t have to!

Dawn Stevens, Illustrator - Hove

FAST FACT: Don’t worry about scrubbing mugs before putting them in the dishwasher. The bleach and cleaning enzymes in your detergent are more than up to the job – pre-rinsing is just a waste of time and water.

“I have a three year old son and a six-week old daughter, and I really like the fact that Sam’s bowls, beakers and cutlery can come out of the dishwasher just as clean as Annabel’s bottles from the steriliser. It’s one less thing to worry about in a very full-on day.”

Ellie Douglas, Mum of Two - North London

FAST FACT: After your baby is six months old, it’s fine to wash bottles and feeding equipment in the dishwasher rather than a steriliser – just make sure it’s all labeled as dishwasher safe. 

“I like the fact I can put my dog’s food bowl in the dishwasher so it’s cleaned at a temperature far higher than I could stand if washing by hand. It means it never needs to go near our sink, or our dishcloths, which I’ve always thought of as very unhygienic.”

Helen Jenkins, Lawyer - St Albans

FAST FACT: Many modern dishwasher cycles are hot enough to poach a salmon! Watch how by clicking here. 

“I have contact dermatitis and the combination of hot water and washing up liquid really aggravates the skin on my hands – they become red and painful almost immediately. Loading the dishwasher is a much more skin-friendly option.”

Peter Western, Supermarket Manager - Oswestry

FAST FACT: Dishwasher detergent is more alkaline than washing up liquid which means highly effective cleaning without damaging your hands! 

“It’s helped me teach my four year old twins to help with the dishes after family meals. It would be unrealistic to expect them to wash up but they can each put their plate and cup into the dishwasher after we’ve finished eating.”

Karen Daniels, Mum of Twins - Farnborough

FAST FACT: In lab tests a dishwasher load was found to take 59 minutes to wash up and dry, compared to 9 minutes to load/unload in the machine (Intertek 2010).

“Arthritis in my hands means my fingers are often very stiff and I find it difficult to wash cutlery thoroughly and hold onto slippery glasses when they’re wet and soapy in the sink. I find it so much easier to put everything in the dishwasher.”

Evelyn Morphew, Retired Teacher - Winchester 

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