Dishwashers and family

5 reasons a dishwasher is essential for new families

How a dishwasher helps when little ones are on the prowl, from hiding clutter to super-thorough cleaning.

There’s a lot to think about when a little one joins your family, and their safety and wellbeing is top of the list. Take a look at how a dishwasher could help baby-proof your kitchen and give you peace of mind. 

  1. It keeps the kitchen clutter-free: Avoid things falling off counter-tops or being grabbed by little hands by putting dirty cutlery and dishes straight in the dishwasher. Remember to keep sharp cutlery facing downwards. 

  2. It’s hygienic: Babies love nothing more than putting things in their mouths, so make sure everything is as clean as possible by washing utensils in the dishwasher at temperatures of up to 75 degrees. If your baby’s over sixth months (in the first six months you’ll need a sterilizer), the super-thorough cleaning you get from a dishwasher keeps your little one’s favourite eating utensils free of old food traces. 

  3. It’s great for bibs and toys: Choose dishwasher-friendly plastic: then you won’t need to wash baby utensils, plastic toys and bibs by hand. Just throw them in the dishwasher. 

  4. It gives you time: It’s hard to keep your eye on a mobile baby when you’re washing up with your back turned. Loading and unloading dishwashers is so much quicker than washing up by hand – and it means you’ve got more time to keep that little one out of mischief.

  5. It keeps knives safe: Shutting the door on your dishwasher means shutting away sharp knives and kitchen gadgets that could get into the wrong (little) hands if they’re left lying around waiting to be washed up.