New kitchens

Making the most of your new kitchen

Think about how your kitchen – and a dishwasher – will fit your lifestyle. Planning is half the fun.

So you’ve decided to update your kitchen. Whether you’re going for a total overhaul or just a few changes, your plan needs careful thought.

How your new kitchen works for you
How much space you have to play with really defines what you can do. But there’s your family too: whether you live alone, as a couple, or if there are children or grandparents in the mix. Think about what sort of cook you are as well: a gourmet chef, a great entertainer or family nurturer – or maybe you’re barely there, and rely on ready meals. And the look: more homely, with freestanding appliances, or the sleeker, integrated style.

An efficient designYou may well have heard of the ‘kitchen triangle’ – the idea in kitchen design that your stove, sink and fridge should be positioned to form a triangle. It means you save time and energy as you prepare food and clean up, and the smaller the triangle, the more efficient you become. 

Where the sink goes is the first thing to decide, and that’s normally dictated by the position of the water-supply pipes. Next to the sink goes the dishwasher. This makes sense both in terms of efficiency and plumbing. Then, once you’ve decided on where exactly the stove and fridge go, think about storage. It’s a real time-saver if your pots, pans and crockery are all stored within easy reach of the dishwasher.

A dishwasher for your lifestyle
Even busy working singles or couples with small apartments can fit in a new dishwasher. You won’t come home to breakfast dishes in the sink any more, and it makes clearing away meals after a hard day much quicker. Slimline models are only 45cm wide and are very handy if you're a small household or have a limited amount of dishes. When you’re renting, a countertop model's perfect, as you can take it with you to the next rental.  

If you’ve got a larger family, or your new kitchen’s more the scene for entertaining a group, you may well have more room. Make sure you can sweep away dirty crockery into a full-size dishwasher, leaving you more time for the important things in life.