DIY Christmas gifts and decorations

Why not take a break from Christmas shopping and cross a few things off your list by making them yourself

Why not take a break from Christmas shopping and cross a few things off your list by making them yourself? Not only is it good fun for kids and adults, it’s rewarding to see your handiwork being appreciated. And receiving a hand-made gift is always so much more special. What’s more, you might save a few dollars too. Here’s a few festive ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

White Christmas Dessert
White Christmas scenes don’t happen in Australia, but this white Christmas treat will still be a hit. Aclassic festive dessert, this beautiful white chocolate Christmas slice is packed full of the sweetness of dried fruit and the crunch of fresh nuts. Wrap in coloured cellophane for a thoughtful gift for anyone with a sweet tooth. Link here.

Giant Santa Claus Christmas cookies
A great gift for neighbours and friends or as a delightful addition to your Christmas day spread, this Santa Claus Christmas cookies recipe will bring a festive smile to anyone’s face. If you’ve got young kids, get them to help in the kitchen and they’ll love handing them out too (and licking the mixing bowl!) Link here.

Christmas Noodle Wreaths
Great as a decoration or as a fun Christmas card idea, these bow tie noodle wreaths are easy to make and with some green glitter paint you might never know they were pasta! A perfect art project to keep kids occupied during the holidays. Link here.

Recycled Card Ornaments
Recycle those old Christmas cards you’ve kept from previous years and make new ornaments for the Christmas tree? Let the kids decorate them with sequins or mini pom poms and other items they have in their craft box. Link here.

Marble Dipped Mugs
Another simple and pretty gift that can suit anyone, these marble dipped mugs have a personal touch and are also a great way to express your creativity. Link here.

Reindeer Beer Bottle Outfits
What Christmas gift is guaranteed to go down well with most men? Beer! Well, now you can go one better than that with these cute and funny Reindeer Beer bottle outfits! Dress up a six pack and make the simplest festive gift into one to remember. Link here.