Black Friday is coming don’t miss out

What is Black Friday anyway?
Black Friday is a shopping extravaganza following Thanksgiving in the USA that is always on the fourth or fifth Friday of November. This year it’s on November 23rd. Like most things named ‘black’ there’s a not so happy history to ‘Black Friday’. It used to refer to the heavy crowds and congestion that the Thanksgiving sales created. But a happier meaning has emerged: it’s when the retailers go from red to black due to the crazy amount of sales.

It’s more an online thing in Australia.
You may have seen shocking pictures of the bargain-crazed Black Friday shoppers in the U.S. but it hasn’t reached that level here. That’s partly because people aren’t on the streets, they’re shopping online. Many online retailers offer impressive discounts so there’s no need to push and shove, you just have to be quick to click.

How to have a great Black Friday.
Now’s the time to start planning ahead for some great savings. Here’s a few tips to make your Black Friday a success:

1. Plan ahead.
Make sure you’re across all the deals you're after before Black Friday comes around. You don't want to waste time searching for products because the quantities aren't always guaranteed and once they've sold out, they've sold out.

2. Know the prices.
Start your research early to get a feeling for how much you would usually pay. When the discounts hit on the day you will know how good a deal it is. You’ll also know if the site is price jacking (where they put a fake higher pre-sale price to make the deal seem better).

3. Think Christmas gifts, birthdays and beyond
It’s a great opportunity to shop for all those Christmas gifts you need to buy anyway, plus every other upcoming birthday or special occasion. Just remember to check shipping delivery times to Australia to make sure gift purchases reach you in time.

4. Don’t overspend!
We don’t want to kill the fun but a big credit card bill you can’t pay will certainly do that. Know how much you can spend, give yourself a budget and stop before you go over!

Happy Black Friday!