Finish All in One Max

Our powerball boosts the table to remove even baked-on food. Giving you a deep clean every day

Product Description

Finish All in 1 Max tackles whatever you throw at it to give you a powerful clean first time.

Follow pack instructions.

Handle with dry hands only! Reseal bag after use. Do not unwrap tablet! Remove food scraps and scrape dishes. Load dishes with soiled surfaces facing water spray. For best results place one tablet in the dry dispenser. For short cycles (30 minutes), if it does not fit or dissolve properly place it in the bototm of the dishwasher. FOR A FISHER & PAYKEL DISHWASHER, if it does not fit in dispenser place it in an empty section of the cutlery basket. For best performance, use the "normal" wash cycle or a specialist tablet wash cycle.

Always read label before use and follow safety warnings.