Finish Quantum Ultimate Pro

Finish Quantum Ultimate Pro dishwashing tablets scrub, degrease and remove the toughest stains from your dishes, giving them our ultimate clean and shine.

Product Description

Finish Quantum Ultimate Pro dishwashing tablets clean dishes and boosts shine and include our ACTIVBLU TECHNOLOGYTM! Our most advanced formula dissolves faster than ever, effectively cutting through grease and breaking down tough food stains, giving them our ultimate clean and shine.

Our dishwashing tablets are wrapper-free, with biodegradable, 100% water soluble film. The lemon fragrance adds a burst of freshness to every wash. You can save time in your daily wash by not pre-rinsing, knowing your dishes will come out clean and shiny with Finish Quantum Ultimate Pro dishwasher tablets.

Close the zipper of your pack securely to avoid any moisture entering and place it in a cupboard away from any moisture and out of reach of children.

Always use with dry hands to avoid introducing moisture in the packaging, which could lead to tabs sticking together.

Quantum Ultimate is wrapped with a biodegradable, 100% water soluble film which does not require unwrapping. Do not tear apart the film before use, to avoid chemicals spilling.

Place product into the dry detergent chamber to avoid the tab activating before the pre-wash begs.

Do not place in the cutlery basket to avoid loss of product efficiency or dissolution issues.

Tabs stick together if moisture is introduced. To avoid, always use with dry hands and store in a dry environment, such as
our original packaging. Do not separate if stuck together. It is ok to place up to 2 stuck tabs into the bottom of the machine.

This product is designed to work in eco cycle, saving energy and water.

Always read label before use and follow safety warnings.