Dishwasher Tablets: Benefits and Advantages

Dishwashing tablets have emerged as a more convenient alternative to conventional powder detergent. And would you know it, these compact tablets can also enhance the quality of the wash!

Here are five reasons to consider switching to dishwashing tablets:

     1.  Cleaning efficiency

Dishwashing tablets take the risk out of loading your dishwasher. You can be confident that you’re using the right amount of detergent needed to leave your dishes with a sparkling finish every time.

Excess detergent creates suds that can damage dishwasher components over time and require repairs or even replacement. However, dishwashing tablets are pre measured to prevent problems, eliminate guesswork, and most importantly not damage your machine.

     2.  Energy and water savings

The precise formulation of dishwashing tablets makes them better for the environment too. Dishwashing tablets reduce the amount of soap entering the water supply, easing the burden on water treatment plants.

     3.  Saving money

Powder detergent is usually cheaper to buy than dishwashing tablets, but this can be a false economy. Using less efficient powder can mean an increased risk of repairs, ultimately reducing the lifespan of your machine. What’s more, many people are unaware of how much powder to use per wash and are often prone to using more than necessary. Since tablets are pre measured for efficiency, you can rest assured your washing cycle is measured to precision.

     4.  Convenience

One of the main reasons people switch to dishwashing tablets isn’t about long-term projections of energy savings or benefits to the environment, but rather for their ease of use. As well as avoiding the risk of spills that comes with powder and liquid detergent, dishwashing tablets carry out multiple functions during the wash. Quantum Max tablets perform pre-wash, wash and rinse cycles in a single tablet.

     5.  Options

There are many varieties of dishwasher tablets to choose from, depending on your washing requirements. The most basic tablets are composed of powder detergent in compact form, while others contain specially formulated gels and Powerballs to remove stains, protect dishwashers and filters from limescale build-up, and deliver a superior shine to glass.