How To Make Dishwasher Powder Last Longer

Many people use more dishwashing powder than they need to, which can cause detergent to run out at a faster rate and damage dishwasher components in the long term. Learn how to use washing powder correctly, to make it last longer, save money, and guarantee a sparkling finish for your dishes. Here are four top tips to extend the lifespan of your dishwashing powder.

Use washing powder sparingly

Modern dishwashing powder is significantly more efficient than detergents from previous decades. If you’re used to pouring granules into the machine without careful measurement, you could be wasting powder and money, as well as putting a strain on your dishwasher. Adding excess dishwashing powder doesn’t improve the quality of the wash; it can creates more suds and increases water and electricity consumption. Check the packaging of your detergent for the manufacturer’s recommendation of how much to use, or switch to pre measured dishwasher tablets.

Add baking soda

Dishwashing powder is formulated for the perfect wash, but if you’re running low on detergent and want to extend its life, supplement some of the powder with baking soda to ensure your dishes are still suitably clean. While baking soda is not as powerful as dishwashing powder when it comes to degreasing and finishing, this natural mineral can still perform scrubbing actions and remove odours.

Clean your dishwasher

If you neglect your dishwasher, it will restrict the effectiveness of dishwashing powder and make it work overtime – impacting on the quality of the wash. Use dishwasher cleaner to remove grease, limescale, calcium, hard water and other deposits. Try using dishwasher cleaner once a month – you should see improvements instantly.

Choose efficient washing powder

Not all dishwashing powder is created equal, and buying a cheaper brand to save money could prove to be a false economy if the detergent doesn’t deliver a high quality wash. When looking for the high quality washing powder, choose detergents that remove stubborn stains and leave glass sparkling. You could also try alternatives to conventional dishwashing powder, such as:

  • Dishwasher TabletsTake the guesswork out of loading your dishwasher – tablets contain the right amount of detergent for each wash and often include rinse aids.

  • Dishwasher Gel: This detergent is easy to measure, less likely to spill, and doesn’t need time to dissolve before it can get to work.