Bored? Game Night!

We can all remember game nights as kids, where the entire family would sit around and play monopoly, or where snakes and ladders was the highlight of a children’s birthday party, but board games aren’t just for kids any more.

Adult board games are becoming more popular

Couples and friends who have become tired of the usual dinner party routine or who don’t feel like another visit to a pub or restaurant are increasingly deciding to socialize at home or at their friends’ places. Board games can add a great deal to one of these events and they’re not just for kids any more.

Some recent examples of the more popular board games that adults are turning their hand to are:

  • Cards against Humanity: A cheeky card game that rewards the funniest and most inappropriate answers to seemingly simple questions.

  • Diplomacy: A game of alliances and military strategy in which players try to conquer enemy territory. Although not a new game (it was released in 1959), it is enjoying a surge in popularity.

  • Settlers of Catan: This game of luck as well as skill sees players try and control the resources of the fictional island of Catan by trading and negotiating with each other.

  • Scrabble: This famous word game has always been popular, and a great game that’s stood the test of time. Recent mobile phone apps that has also helped to reignite the popularity for this challenging game that can test your vocabulary as well as your strategic ability both day and night, ready for the next game with friends.

  • Pictionary: A very similar cousin to the ever-popular charades, this gamehas several versions, the most challenging of which requires players to draw abstract ideas in a set period of time for their fellow players to guess what they might be. It can be as frustrating as it is fun!

Hosting a party

Whilst deciding what game to play is only half the fun of any party, the real talking point is usually the food and drink. Key things to remember when serving food and drink during a board game is that you want to avoid messy foods such as those with sauces or any greasy food that needs to be eaten with your hands. Drinks are pretty self-explanatory, but a good way to spice things up is to introduce forfeits involving the drinks, for example whoever loses the first round, has to serve the drinks of everyone else in the room…how mean or creative you want to be with the forfeits is up to you!

Cleaning up

Of course after the fun of games night there is clean-up to deal with. Luckily, the real winner on games night is the host, as (for the most part) dirty dishes or glasses are confined to one area, and once in the dishwasher are awash away from their former selves.

One of the great things about socializing at home, is that you can usually ask your guests to bring any last minute supplies themselves, such as ice or snacks…but you’ll probably have to provide the dishwasher tablets yourself.

Every dish. Every time.