Where are your Dirty Dishes coming from?


The humble plate has been serving meals for hundreds if not thousands of years, and likely features about three times in your day! From breakfast, lunch, and dinner, to snacks before and after dark, the plate is one of the most renowned objects in the world, but also a constant reminder that there’s always something to clean.

A Clean Plate

Covering off all the sizes, shapes and materials that make a plate what it is, plates are normally made from ceramics such as porcelain, bone china, and stoneware, but can also be made of plastic, metal, or glass in some cases too. The plates that can sit on your table come in a range of different sizes, from the saucer, to a bread and butter plate, to larger sizes for real servings. These might include lunch plates, dinner plates or decorative plates too.

The Day in the Life of a Plate

Although diets can vary hugely across countries, cities and people, there’s a general convention of three meals a day, sometimes supplemented by a snack depending on diet. All three meals can leave a lot of clean up, from toast crumbs to honey, from plum juice to potatoes. Four plates a day per person can lead to a lot of clean up, fortunately Finish dishwasher tablets can get to the problem of tackling dirty dishes, just so long as you leave the work to the dishwasher.

Happy at Home

When properly stored, and stacked neatly in a dark cupboard, they can do no wrong. But released during meals, or events, or just a quick bite to eat before you go to bed, you could end up with more than a few plates lying about. Dishes can crop up in many situations – office meetings with breakfast, a platter of shared food, or at parties with bowls filled with your favourite snacks. At least the thing that holds it all together is food!

Keeping your Plates Clean

All that your plates need is a wash with Finish dishwasher detergent. With our best dishwasher detergent, Finish Shine and Protect, your plates will be clean. When placing dishware in the dishwasher, try to begin from the back with larger objects, and place smaller plates at the front. This will help in both removal and placement of dishes, but will also help your dishwasher with an even clean.

Every dish. Every time.