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We stopped doing laundry by hand 60 years ago, so why do we still do dishes this way? Only around half of all Australian households have a dishwasher, compared to 2 out of 3 in European countries, but we’re rapidly catching up, with a quarter of a million households choosing the machine option every year...

One of the main reason Australian homes have been slower to adopt dishwashers is a lack of kitchen space. But did you know modern slimline dishwashers can now come as narrow as a standard cupboard at 45cm, while compact dishwashers can fit even on top of worktops and still deliver the great cleaning results of a full size model?

This website presents all the reasons you’d need to use a dishwasher and how to get the best wash results possible. Once you’ve tried a Dishwasher, we guarantee you’ll never want to go back to Hand Washing again!