The Most Efficient way to Load a Dishwasher


If you’re here you’ve probably always wanted to know what the absolute best way to load a dishwasher is. You may have had your tactics, or tricks, to getting sparkling dishes every time, but there may have been a few things you may not have known, or a few ideas that could turn loading your dishwasher upside down. From cutlery placement, to top and bottom rack appropriate dishware, here we’ll help you get the best out of your wash with efficient dishwasher loading.

Starting from the Back

Simply put, start loading from the back. Loading your dishwasher can be made less of a chore by ensuring you don’t put any blockage in your way, and by loading from the front, it can be much harder to put plates (even little ones) into the dishwasher. We recommend putting the biggest plates at the back, and the smallest at the front. This helps with distribution of water as well, but mainly means that you can remove and stack plates much more easily. If you have a set of plates, separate them into different racks (so the back left would be for larger plates, but the front right would be for bowls, for example). This way you won’t have to stack plates in a Tetris-like fashion, but simply put everything in its place.

Filling it up

Our first tip is probably our most important: filling a washing machine so that there’s almost no space left is the most efficient way to wash. Efficient, in that it saves you energy and money to wash in one big go, as opposed to two half-filled washes. Also it will save you having to do a wash twice. Of course, this really depends on the size of your family, or your household, but even if you wash once a week it’s best to get in as much as you can, rather than washing every other day.

Top Heavy Wash

Depending on what you put into your washing machine, there are usually instructions that tell you which rack, or position, you should wash your new dishware or glassware in. As a general rule, mugs, glasses and other drinking receptacles should be placed on the top rack, while dishware, pots and pans should go on the bottom rack. This both helps to disperse water evenly, but also prevents your dishwasher from getting damaged, or even tipping over!

Brilliant Shine Every Time

If you’re looking for efficiency, the last thing you want is to have to run your dishwasher a second time, due to any leftover streaks or residue. Our final tip for an efficient dishwasher load is to add a dose of Finish Rinse Aid which rinses residue and can help prevent water spots, while providing a film of protection for shining results. There’ll be no need to spend time giving your glasses a thorough inspection, and with the bonus of speeding up drying time, a little help from  Rinse Aid could mean you’ll be unloading those dishes in no time.

Even a dishwashing pro wants to get the most efficient results from every load. We hope these loading tips will help you get better results every time.