Life equals Glasses

Every day we use and reuse glasses over and over again, but with every wash, your glasses can go cloudy. We couldn’t, and wouldn’t want to, keep you from using these glasses for every situation, event and occasion that occurs in life, and there is no reason that you shouldn’t expect your glasses to remain shiny. You shouldn’t have to be content with cloudy glasses, as with Finish glass protection means shine.

Finish takes care of your glasses, whatever you’ve been using them for, time and time again, without you having to worry about the chance of cloudiness.

Specially formulated to help prevent the displacement of particles that can cause clouding, give your dishwasher Finish Shine and Protect and all you have to do is concentrate on the important things – such as the life that is creating all of these glasses. Trust in Finish to take care of your glasses, and to give you great results whilst you take care of the important things.

New Finish Shine and Protect – Keep your glasses shiny for longer.