Kitchen Pet Peeves

It can be argued that the kitchen is the heart of the home so it’s no wonder tempers can flare when annoyingly bad habits put other people’s tolerance to the test. Here are some top pet peeves around the kitchen that you may find irritating, or even be guilty of yourself!      

Dirty tea towels

Have you ever gone to dry your hands on a tea towel, only to feel the slimy leftover food and gunk left by the previous user?

This means that you have to re-wash your hands because now they are dirty again. A study from the University of Arizona found that 89% of kitchen cloths carried coliform bacteria, which is found in both animal and human digestive tracts[1].

The kitchen can contain more germs, than any other room in the house, including the bathroom. It is always important to try and keep your kitchen as hygienic as possible.

Wet counters near the sink

If a tea towel isn’t covered in leftover food then it could have been used to absorb any excess liquid covering the work tops, further spreading germs. Just by merely leaning forward onto a work top, liquid can soak the front of your top, leaving you damp and potentially stained!

Messy floors and countertops

Sticky, greasy floors and messy counters can be by-products of cooking and food prep but they are not always cleared up. Spare a thought for the individual who lands their hand in the puddle of tomato sauce - they never asked for your left overs to be smeared all over them. At the end of the day, no one likes a messy counter, but it’s even worse when it’s a messy floor.

Dropping food on the floor can happen in any room where food is eaten but in the kitchen it can be anything from oil and drinks to crumbs and sauce. If not cleaned up straight away then there is a chance mess could be trodden throughout the house, leaving a trail of stains behind - not to mention the potential for an infestation!

Leaving rubbish on the counter top

Depending on the size of your kitchen, and what you keep on your counter tops, constantly having rubbish left on the side is not only unhygienic, but it can also lead to unwanted pests such as flies and cockroaches[2]. Even if you have a bin in your kitchen, this still doesn’t guarantee that all the rubbish is going to end up in there, which could lead to unwanted pests in the place that’s meant to be the most hygienic.

Exploded food in the microwave

The convenience of a microwave is unquestionable when it comes to heating up food, but there is still always the chance to create a mess even within such a confined space. You may think fastening on lids would keep everything nicely contained – however, the process of rapidly heating liquid molecules can cause a pressure build up, resulting in an almighty culinary “explosion”. It’s always best to leave gaps for the escaping heat, as well as ensuring you stir regularly.

Cloudy glasses and wet dishes

On opening the dishwasher at the end of a cycle, there may be instances where the top rack resembles a waterfall, showering your dry dishes below with water from the rinse cycle. Although there may not be any food caked on your dishes, you’re not getting the results you were after - that seemingly impossible shine.

Annoyances such as these might not seem like much but over time on a day to day basis they can really grate on you. They can even cause embarrassment, especially if you have guests over as it can hint at unclean glasses – which obviously isn’t the case. This isn’t an uncommon problem and keeping your dishwasher topped up with Rinse Aid can help solve your problems.

By keeping it regularly topped up, Finish Rinse Aid can help your glasses with its five power actions:

  • Rinses residue
  • Speeds up drying
  • Fights water spots
  • Film protection
  • Brilliant shine with every wash

Piled Up Dirty Dishes

It doesn’t matter that you have a dishwasher in your kitchen, dirty dishes are often still piled up in the sink, or on the counter next to it. No matter how many dirty dishes you may have in your sink, Finish Powerball is always there to give you back time to spend doing things you love. Stacking plates straight into the dishwasher is a great habit to avoid pile ups, and gives you one less thing to worry about later.

As you can see there are many instances that can happen around the kitchen, but dirty dishes don’t have to be one of them. Finish Powerball Tablets can provide powerful cleaning, cutting through grease and difficult food stains to make sure that your crockery and cutlery come out clean. For extra sparkle to your glasses and dishware? Use Finish Rinse Aid with every wash.

[1] Gerba C, Tamimi A, Maxwell S, Sifuentes L, Hoffman D, Koenig D. Bacterial Occurrence in Kitchen Hand Towels. Food Protection Trends. 2014.