Space Saving Tips

Sometimes, when you’ve been living in the same place for a long time, it can be hard to see how to create space to add in something else. Take a kitchen for example, unless you are designing it to your own specification, you may think that there just isn’t space to add anything extra, and so you stick to handwashing. However, with the right space saving measures, a dishwasher can fit into any kitchen.

Here are a few space saving measures that you can implement in order to be able to follow through with the dishwasher installation that is going to make your life easier.

There’s always space on the walls

Hanging pots, utensils and knives from the wall is a great way of freeing up cupboard space. However, there’s a lot more that can go on the wall that can also help keep the counters clutter free. For example:

- A wall-mounted sink caddy would also help to make sure things around the sink area are not constantly sitting in water

- A spice rack on the wall will not only save cupboard space but it will also help you to see exactly what you have

- If you currently keep your knives in a drawer, not only do you remove the risk of potentially cutting yourself by having your knife rack also on the wall, you also give yourself easier access to them

Aim high

If you can, getting cabinets that go to the ceiling is always going to be good for storing the things that you need but rarely use. However, using decorative baskets and boxes, works just as well to hold all the knick-knacks you may have. If you want to keep things looking neat and orderly you might like to invest in putting in a new shelf instead.

Then go low

Just because you went up doesn’t mean you can’t utilise the space below your kitchen cupboards as well. In the kitchen, kick boards (the space below the base of the cupboard) can be as high as four inches[1]. This can easily be developed into shallow drawers that are perfect for muffin tins, oven trays and chopping boards.

Invest in some air tight containers

These are good for making the most out of the room that you have and make it easier to stack the more difficult things such as cereals and biscuits. Whether you’re using your plastic container to store food in the fridge, in the freezer, or in front of the window, not only do you utilise your space effectively but you also don’t need to worry about your snacks going stale.  

So now you have some easy, but effective, ways to save some all-important space, you can start thinking about what dishwasher is best for your kitchen. Ultimately, the dishwasher you choose will depend on the needs of you and your family. Head over to the Tiny Kitchens Tour to find out which dishwasher suits your needs - because even in the tiniest of kitchens there is always room for a dishwasher.