The Baker’s Toolkit

If you’re not an experienced baker, reading through a complicated recipe and coming home to find none of the required equipment can be frustrating. There are endless amounts of hi-tech gadgets and dishware, all with their bespoke purposes, but what is worth investing in?

Here are a few basic tools of the trade you will need if you want to get started baking, so that when you’ve done all the hard work and the cupcakes rise, you can rest easy knowing that everything will come out of the dishwasher sparkling and fresh!

Baking paper

Although it’s a disposable item, it’s something that every baker needs to have in their stock pile to ensure that nothing becomes stuck. You don’t want to have spent time preparing and baking to then have all your hard work undone by the tin.

Cooling rack

Everything on this list can be classed as an essential item, but if you’re only going to get a few things, a cooling rack needs to be one of them. They help to avoid sogginess by allowing air to circulate around your freshly-baked goods by lifting them slightly off the counter.

Measuring jug

You can’t exactly follow a recipe if you don’t know how much liquid you’re supposed to add to the mix. It’s always useful to have a measuring jug to hand because they’re crucial for making the quantities exactly what they need to be.

Measuring spoons

Just as with a measuring jug, you’re going to need to make sure you have the right amount of the dry ingredients too, to ensure the mixture isn’t too dry or too sticky.

Mixing bowls

This one may seem like an obvious thing but it is absolutely essential for your baking. It’s definitely worth considering investing in a heatproof mixing bowl so it can go in the microwave or over simmering water if you are melting chocolate, for example.

As it can potentially be one of the messiest items in the kitchen, once you’re finished with it, know that you are able to just put it in the dishwasher with Finish Quantum. It will definitely make life a lot easier for you in terms of cleaning up after.  

Pallet knife

A pallet knife is a multi-purpose tool when it comes to baking. Due to being long, thin and having rounded edges, it is extremely useful for things such as scraping bowls, smoothing out cake filling and even cutting into butter.

When placing in the dishwasher, ensure it isn’t blocking the spray arms from spinning or you risk the whole load coming out dirty as the water cannot effectively circulate and clean.


Whilst wooden skewers are great for putting on the BBQ, they’re not the best choice when it comes to baking. Metal skewers can help you to work out whether your cake is cooked all the way through – if you insert it into the cake in a few places, including the middle, and it comes out clean when you pull it out, the cake is ready to come out of the oven.


One item that is highly recommended when it comes to baking is a sieve, used in order to make something light and airy. A miniature tea strainer can also work wonders when it comes to decorating and dusting.


No one wants to see all their hard work go to waste, especially when it comes to baking. A flexible spatula, ideally silicon or plastic, will help to you make sure no mixture, or melted chocolate, is left behind again. 


Not everyone can afford to have a handheld mixer and, where spoons can be used as a substitute to beat a mixture, a whisk can help to aerate your mixes, making them as light and fluffy as you need them to be.

Whisks are not the easiest of things to wash up so having piece of mind and just being able to throw them into the dishwasher will certainly make life easier for you. 

Just because you love to bake doesn’t necessarily mean that you love doing the washing up though. Luckily everything on this list (with the exception of baking paper, of course) can go in the dishwasher - and leave you to bake with the peace of mind that you don’t have hours ahead stood at the sink afterwards.

For the toughest baking stains, Finish has the Powerball to help deal with any messy cake mixture that you may have, helping you avoid having to fiddle around trying to clean bowls and spatulas! So you can sit down and relax whilst Finish does the hard work.