Unmissable Tips on Getting that Perfect Food Photo

Search #food on Instagram and literally millions of little squares of deliciousness pop up. If you think of yourself as a bit of a James Martin or Nigella Lawson in the kitchen why not show off your culinary skills with your own food blog or Instagram page?

Here are a few simple tips to ensure your work of gastronomic art looks every bit as good as it tastes:

It’s all in the preparation

Use a spiralizer to make courgetti or sweet potato spaghetti-like strips adding texture to your dish. A peeler enables you to get curls or shavings of Parmesan. Cut vegetables into unusual shapes and think about what will look interesting and draw the eye in.

How to serve it

A glossy – and most importantly clean - plate is essential, especially if you want to use the effects sites like Instagram offer. Filters like ‘Juno’ and ‘Ludwig’ highlight colour and texture so your food looks even more succulent. Remember they will also emphasise a gritty, dull and dirty plate too though!

To help ensure your plate glistens use Finish Quantum Max Shine and Protect that combines powerful cleaning with sparkling shine.

Also, try to think of different shaped plates or bowls or different coloured dishware that will make your recipe ‘pop’ too. Sunshine yellow pepper strewn over crunchy Little Gem lettuce looks pretty anyway but against a large, shiny terracotta orange plate it would look really Mediterranean! Read our article on how to create the perfect place setting here, to ensure your food photo is the best one yet!

Colour is the key

Clash colours; for example, red onion scattered over crisp green leaves; flecks of fresh, hot, scarlet chili amidst soft pasta studded with bright broccoli florets. Try to use no more than three or four colours though or the plate may start to look cluttered and messy.

Think backgrounds and angles

Not all food is best photographed from above. Play around with where you take the picture from and what’s going on around it. If you’ve cooked a Moroccan dish for example set the plate on a geometrically patterned tablecloth, to create a sense of authenticity in your picture

Place a couple of beautiful jewel-coloured tea glasses in the background to add depth and warmth. People will be able to smell the Moroccan flavours when they get an eyeful of your photo!

Like the plate itself, glassware adds reflective interest so to ensure your glasses sparkle and your dishes are clean, use Finish Quantam Max Shine and Protect to help avoid any cloudy glasses and ensure you’re always ready to capture perfect food photo.


Finally try, where possible, to photograph the plate in natural light as a flash can deaden the image. If you must use another light source make it a torch or the flashlight from another phone to create shade and interest.

And before you upload play about with filters – ‘Rise’ adds warmth, ‘Hefe’ adds a slight blurriness – and try different colour and saturation levels.

That’s it. Once you’re happy, press upload and know you’re the envy of all your followers as you tuck into your delicious dinner!


For tips on creating the perfect dinner setting read our article here.