Kitchen clutter

Did you know a dishwasher could… clear kitchen clutter?

A dishwasher’s the shortest route to a spotless kitchen. See how you can consign chaotic crockery to history.

Clear work surfaces as far as the eye can see, an empty sink, shining taps, and cupboards stacked with gleaming crockery. This is your kitchen – once you get a dishwasher. It’s a simple solution to clearing kitchen clutter.

A quick cure for dirty dishes
Stack those dirty plates out of sight straight away – you don’t even need to rinse them in the sink first, because the machine automatically rinses them for you. You don’t see your dishes again until they’re clean and sparkling. And there’s no draining or drying or leaving plates hanging about, as everything comes out of the dishwasher dry and ready to go away or be used again.

A dishwasher to suit every kitchen
Even if space is tight in your kitchen, you can fit in a compact dishwasher. Compact countertop dishwashers sit neatly on your worktop, or you can get an integrated or free-standing slimline dishwasher that’s only 45cm wide. 

Compact benchtop dishwashers can be connected straight to the kitchen tap, so installation is very straightforward. 

Put those days of kitchen clutter behind you.