Timesaving Dishwashers

Did you know a dishwasher could… be a great time-saver?

Break free of the sink. Getting a dishwasher could leave you with time – not washing-up suds – on your hands.  

What most of us want is more time on our hands. Juggling work, a social life and keeping the house in (some sort of) order is tough, especially if you have kids too. More time for you and your family – instead of running around ticking off jobs – would be lovely.

The good news is that a dishwasher can save you four* hours a week. Which gives you a considerable chunk each week of family time, me time or anything-but-housework time

How are dishwashers time-saving?
Think about it. It only takes nine minutes to load and unpack a dishwasher. Slogging through the same amount of washing up takes an energy-sapping 60 minutes. Adding that up for a family of four is how we worked out that you can save up to four hours each week just by using a dishwasher.

And to answer your question: no, there’s no need to pre-wash plates in the sink. Even with greasy saucepans and lasagne dishes sporting hard, baked-on crusts, you don’t need to scrub or rinse.

* Intertek UK 2010 Washing Up Study