Innovative Ideas for Your Kitchen

Every kitchen should be clean, functional and free of clutter. Now that you’ve finished organising the fridge and stocking up the pantry, why not turn your attention to the kitchen and transform it with these easy, affordable and oh-so-clever life hacks? Whether your kitchen is big or small, once you’re done, you’ll never have to go digging for that elusive seasoning or Tupperware lid again!

Transform kitchen doors from bare to brilliant with chalkboard paint

Tired of constantly checking Google to convert millilitres to cups or vice-versa? Fret no more! Purchase some black chalkboard paint and apply it to the inside of your pantry door or a cupboard door you use frequently. After just 20 minutes, it will be ready for writing. This is a great way to keep track of ingredients you need, measurement conversions or really anything else!

Everything has its place

Don’t waste time fishing for utensils in that cluttered draw - use drawer compartments to easily sort those odds and ends. You could also add some small hooks to the inside of your pantry door, attach a rail along some spare wall space or place a pegboard on another wall. Using these hooks, rails and boards, you can hang your more popular items, such as measuring cups, tongs and spatulas. You can also add a pop of greenery to your kitchen by hanging some small garden pots.

Another great idea is to pick up a small hand rail and install this on the side of your kitchen island. You’ve just created a quick and easy tea towel rack!

Eliminate excess clutter—use your sink as bench space

If you’re starting to get claustrophobic in the kitchen, move away from the bench and towards the sink with an over-the-sink cutting board. This simple hack not only saves space, but rolls cutting, washing and rinsing all into one easy task. Some cutting boards even come with three mini drawers underneath, so you can pop your chopped fruit and veggies in them, while keeping them separate!  

Use a carousel to make items in tight spaces much more accessible

Those awful corner cabinets make it impossible to reach in and get what you need - at least, not without all your pots and pans falling out in the process. Eliminate this problem completely by placing some flat carousels inside your corner units. This ensures everything is just a small rotation away. This is especially handy when you’re looking for that specially shaped Tupperware container to store those leftovers.

Top Tip

Try storing flat items such as cutting boards, collapsible containers and tea towels in smaller cupboards. This will help de-clutter your larger cupboards and keep your smaller cupboards nice and organised.

Keep knife blades sharp and spices sorted with magnetic strips

Magnets are incredibly useful for creating easy storage solutions with minimal effort. Simply install a magnetic strip above your stove or bench, stick your knives point-up on the strip, and you’re done! This helps to keep your knives free from bacteria and out of reach of little hands. This is also a great solution for keeping track of your herbs and spices: simply transfer them to little metal tins, label them and pop them onto the magnetic strip.