Surprisingly Tasty Flavour Combinations

Everyone’s taste is different: it’s why some are raving mad about the chocolate-Vegemite combination, and others are just plain confused! In reality, people have been experimenting with food flavours for years, trying to discover new and delicious pairings from polar opposite food groups. Sweet and savoury, bitter and spicy - some of the best combinations have come from daring to be different. So put on your safety goggles, get out your beakers and give these strangely delicious flavour combos a try!  

Banana and bacon

Bacon is fast becoming a superfood - not in nutrients, but in taste! It’s starting to be used with just about everything, and banana muffins are no exception. Not only are banana and bacon complete taste opposites, they’re also a flavourful and surprisingly tantalising food combination. The saltiness of bacon is easily absorbed into the moist banana, creating a taste sensation that really needs to be experienced to be believed.

Strawberry and balsamic vinegar

So you’re ready to whip up a quick, low-calorie strawberry treat. What if you were to add some balsamic vinegar to the mix? Sounds crazy, but it’s actually a moreish combination. The vinegar, while bitter, has a sweet undertone that gives a tangy flavour to the fruit. Give it a try on your fruit salad or combine it with other fruits such as passionfruit or even kiwi fruit! You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the result.

Avocado and Vegemite

Making some toast for breakfast or a quick afternoon snack? Don’t stop at Vegemite - for something a little bit different but no less delicious, grab an avocado too! Not only does the avocado make your toast more nutritious, it also adds a bit of texture and tones down the sharp Vegemite taste. Squeeze some lemon juice over the top and you’ve got a new favourite breakfast combo! Other great combinations on toast include strawberry jam and cream cheese, or if you’re worried about the waistline, try sliced apple and cheese.

Salmon and brown sugar

Yes, you read that right - fish and sugar, how could it possibly taste good? The brown sugar is a great ingredient as it creates a caramelised glaze for the salmon. By combining the tame and mild flavour of salmon with the lingering sweetness of brown sugar, you have a filling and tantalising dish. Fantastic for your pre-dinner canapés or even the main course, you and your dinner guests are sure to be delighted. It’s more delicious than it sounds, so if you’re game, give it a go!

There are so many flavourful food combinations, it’s impossible to list them all. Whether you’re cooking for yourself or hosting a party, it doesn’t hurt to get creative in the kitchen. If none of the above combinations appeal to you, some other amazing combos to try include beetroot and chocolate, chilli and chocolate, strawberries with sour cream and brown sugar, and lamb with ginger beer. Strange, quirky and delicious - you’ll wonder how you’ve gone so long without these amazing flavours!