Dishwasher installation

Simple steps to installing a dishwasher

From repurposing your cupboards to straightforward plumbing fixes, installing a dishwasher is easy.  

Plumbing. It’s up there with mending the electrics and fixing a gas leak on the list of jobs homeowners think they can’t do themselves and cost a small fortune to do. But installing a dishwasher is one of the easiest but most transforming things you can do in your kitchen.

Rethink your storage
If it can be put in place of a storage cabinet, next to or near the sink and the main cold water supply, it’s often just a case of finding the pipe, screwing the attached tube on and off you go. Better still, if you can get it next to the washing machine, the waste pipe (for the dirty water) will already be there. 

Dishwashers for small spaces
If you’re worried about space, there are still ways to install your time- and money-saving dishwasher. 

Take a long look at your kitchen. Firstly, make sure your cupboards are arranged and stacked as efficiently as possible. Sounds silly, doesn't it, but a more efficient use of space could be the key to freeing up a cupboard to make the perfect space for a dishwasher. 

If that’s not going to work for you, take a look at the extremely handy countertop dishwashers. These smaller models sit on top of your counter, making them great for small kitchens, couples and renters. They‘re filled from the tap using an attachment, and empty down the sink drain. Simple.