Wedding lists

A dishwasher: Your wedding list must-have

Brand new from as little as $500, a dishwasher’s the ideal gift to promote harmony between newly-weds.

You might never have thought about putting a dishwasher on your wedding list (or buying one as a gift) but here’s why it should be at the top.

A practical present
Cut-glass crystal and 600-thread-count linen might make a lovely present but, compared to the latest dishwasher models, they’re nothing when it comes to marital bliss. Anything that means you spend longer together on the sofa and less time bickering over whose turn it is to dry has to be priceless. With models costing anything from $500 to about $2,500, there’s one for every budget.

Keeping the romance going
Wedding lists are traditionally filled with lovely crockery sets, new cutlery and high-quality pots and pans. But you don’t want to waste those romantic early years in a relationship washing up your wedding gifts! Keep your new kitchenware clean and out of sight in one of the latest dishwasher models – itself the perfect present.

The gift that keeps giving
While the crystal might get an outing once a month at best, a dishwasher is the gift that keeps on giving every day. Cook, eat and put everything in the machine and it’s one chore you can forget about, leaving you time to entertain in your clutter-free kitchen and make the most of your other wedding presents – like making delicious loaves in your new bread maker.