Rare Drinking Glasses


Now that we’ve covered almost every drinking glass in existence, we should also tell you about those rarer, singular drinking glasses that might only be used for a particular type of beverage. From tequila to grappa, and a few more besides, find out more about rare drinking glasses from around the world with this article.


It might surprise you that tequila can be served in more than just the humble shot glass. Tequila aficionados prefer to drink out of a glass that looks similar to a champagne glass, albeit much smaller. Snifter glasses are also used too (the same kind for brandy). Just don’t forget the salt and lime!

Port Pipes

Port pipes are one of the oddest looking glasses on our list. They’re similar to those types of cups you may have been given as a child, with the straw attached to the bottom of the glass, or like a genie’s lamp, with the spout above the centre. The concept behind port sipping pipes comes from the idea of drinking liquid that hasn’t been exposed to air first, although the logic behind it is somewhat shaky. The glasses themselves date back as far as the 17th century1, but the history behind them has been largely lost, so all we have now is the glasses.

Grappa glass

Grappa is a grape-based type of brandy produced in Italy. Since the alcohol content is somewhere in the range of 35-60%, the glass has to be small, as you wouldn’t want to overdo it, especially with the taste as well. The glass has a stem to keep the liquid cool, and a bulb shape at the bottom as spheres are very good at maintaining that temperature. From there the glass flares upward, letting out a little bit of that powerful aroma.

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