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All In One Max Gel

Finish Concentrated Gel is an extraordinary dishwasher detergent, combining all of the cleaning effectiveness of Finish Gel, fast dissolving, suitable for all wash cycles with amazing results even in short cycles.
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#1 recommended brand

#1 recommended brand

Finish is recommended by renowned dishwasher manufacturers

Product overview

Optimized for fast dissolving, Finish Concentrated Gel is particularly suitable even for short and delicate cycles and at lower temperature dishwashing settings. The formula’s Shine & Protect technology also helps protecting your glassware, keeping their brilliant shine for longer.

Product benefits

Fast dissolving in short cycles

Removes grease

Helps protect your dishes

Sparkling clean

How To Use

Load dishes with soiled surfaces facing water spray.

Fill the detergent dispenser with Finish All in 1 Max Gel.

Always close the lid tightly after use.

Safety & Storage

Always close the lid tightly after use

Store in a dry environment, away from heat and moisture

Keep out of reach of children

Caution. Keep out of reach of children. Irritant. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Contains Subtilisin (Protease). May produce an allergic reaction. Do not swallow. Wash hands after use.

All in 1 max shine & protect gel

Complete the clean

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